Our decanter is handmade from crystal glass in Czech Republic, country well known for it’s top quality glass all over the world.

Tradition of this craft lasts here for over 400 years. We came up with this design of spout, when we were looking for inspiration in almost 100 years old glass catalogues.

Originaly, this spout was designed in Paris around 1914. Flow rate is 100ml per 8 seconds. This value slightly differs from piece to piece because of the hand made process.


Top diameter of our decanter is 6 cm, so it fits all popular drippers on the market right now.

You can also use it for Aeropress, but only with it‘s plastic cone.
Our glass is very durable, there is no chance of breaking it with pressure applied from top like with other products.

Or put it in the dishwasher, this glass can stand temperatures as high as 150 degrees C.




Total volume is approximately 380ml. Our logo, or yours, in case of customization is grinded into the glass, by hand of course!

Customization is available for this product but only from larger amount of pieces. For more info and wholesale prices, please send us an email.