Our tamper is made from special type of wood used in weapon industry and is used for gunstocks.

This type of wood, the layered wood, makes this unique pattern during the proccess of turning it on lathe.

We apply several layers of lacquer to attain this nice shiny finish look and also to prevent the wood from all the conditions in which this tool is used.


For base material, we chose two materials that we love the most. Classic stainless steel and bronze.

We recomend stainless steel for baristas who work in cafe or use their tamper in very busy environment because of its easy use and practicaly no need to take care of.

Our bronze version is better for home baristas. It is sligthly havier and softer material than steel.






Customization is available for this product, we use electro-chemical printing on the metal base. If you want your logo, name etc. just write us an email.